Tuff Beans

Coffee House

  • location

    Tuff Beans Coffeehouse in Tofino, British Columbia - Maps and Information

    Tuff Beans Coffeehouse is located in Tofino, British Columbia on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Tofino, dubbed the Surfing Capital of Canada, also boasts some of the best sport-fishing in the world. In the heart of the Clayoquot Biosphere Reserve and on the edge of the Grey Whales migration route, Tofino really does offer up some of the best mother nature has to offer.   «more...»

  • our menus

    Tuff Beans Coffeehouse in Tofino, British Columbia - Food and Beverage Menus

    Coffee, breakfast or a quick lunch on the go, Tuff Beans is open early for you. Breakfast is served all day, as is lunch and fresh baked goodies, so offers something for all appetites. Our coffee is organic-fair-trade, and our cold beverage selection huge. We are fully licensed so a frosty one or a 'special' coffee on our massive deck can be pretty tempting.   «more...»

  • conditions

    Tofino, British Columbia - Tides, Surf, Road and Weather Conditions

    Located in a temperate rainforest, Tofino's weather conditions can be somewhat unexpected, except for the rain. Whether camping, surfing, fishing, sightseeing or travelling, it can be handy to know the current or upcoming tides, weather, surf or driving conditions.   «more...»